Where can I buy tickets for the festival?

The tickets are on sale on Primavera Sound Portal and Ticketmaster. They can also be bought on the Facebook page of Primavera Sound and at La Botiga del Primavera Sound (Ases 1, Barcelona)

Does the tickets give me access to all the clubs?

To get into the site you will have to show your ticket that will be scanned to check it. It will be necessary to have your identity card or passport on you at all times, as it is obligatory to show it before or while picking up and exchanging your tickets, or if required by security staff on the Parc del Fòrum site. In the case of non-Spanish audience, copies of official ID papers from your country will be accepted (ID, passport, driver?s license).

IMPORTANT: full festival tickets give you access to all the concerts programmed during the festival. Day tickets give access to all the concerts scheduled for the day for which they were acquired. This access is subject to the capacity of each venue. All the venues have limited capacity. In order to access the venues you must exchange your full festival ticket or day ticket for a wristband. Check our web ( for information about places and timetable of exchange.

Under no circumstances will wristbands be issued without being attached to the user?s wrist by the festival?s personnel.

What happens if I buy my full festival ticket or my day ticket from an unauthorized ticketing company, on a website or from an individual and it turns out to be counterfeit?

The festival organization does not guarantee the authenticity of any ticket which has not be bought at official points of sale.

What happens if I lose my ticket?

The festival organisation does not accept responsibility for the loss or theft of tickets. The ticket must be looked after until the day of the event as if it were cash. The holder of the ticket or the person whose name the ticket is in, accepts all responsibility if a photocopied or forged duplicate of the ticket is presented, and therefore loses all the rights provided by the ticket to attend the event in question. Only the first ticket presented and validated by its code will be valid. Any other ticket with the same code presented later will be invalid. Resale of tickets is forbidden.

IMPORTANT: The barcode allows access to the site one time only. It is your responsibility to look after it and to avoid any copies being made of it. Do not publish it on social networks, do not print it in unsafe places and keep it away from third parties.

Can I get into the festival venues with a camera or video camera?

You will not be allowed in with professional cameras or with video cameras, except in the cases where you have been authorized by the organization of the festival.

In the case of cancellation how is the refund of the ticket organised? In which cases am I entitled or not entitled to a refund?

Once the ticket has been bought, it will only be changed or refunded in the case of cancellation. You can exercise the right of refusal during 14 calendar days following the purchase provided you bought the tickets a minimum of 14 calendar days before the event (for online ticket sales only). 


The event will only be considered to have been cancelled if more than fifty per cent of the concerts are cancelled. In that case, the purchaser can apply for a refund in a period no longer than thirty days from the date of the public announcement of the cancellation, in the form specified by the Organization. With regards to the paid day tickets or full festival tickets, the event will only be considered as cancelled if more than FIFTY PER CENT OF THE PROGRAMME itself is cancelled. Any cancellation will be on account of the impossibility for the artist or artists contracted by the festival to honour their contract.


Bad weather, natural disasters, Spanish airspace closure or any other force majeure will not lead to ticket refunds.

Can I get into all the concerts programmed at Primavera Club with my ticket?

The full festival ticket gives you access to all the concert programmed during the festival. Day tickets gives access to all the concerts programmed on the day for which they have been purchased. This access is subject to the capacity of each venue. All the venues have limited capacity.

The Centre Cultural Albareda will be a headquarters for the event with a programme of four free daytime concerts during the weekend.

Can under 18 come to the Primavera Club festival?

No, the entrance to all the clubs of the festival is forbidden for people under 18.




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