Sala Apolo

The Apolo is a legendary enclave on the cultural and social map of the city of Barcelona that has almost 100 years of history. Since 1991 this venue has established itself as a concert venue and nightclub, bearing witness to, as well as being the inspiration for the evolution and growth of the local and international independent scene. The Sala Apolo changes every day of the week to host a different club every night, making it a reference venue of the Barcelona nightlife.

Carrer Nou de la Rambla, 113

La [2] de Apolo

Since 2006 the venue has had an extra room on the lower floor, La [2] de Apolo, thus multiplying its volume of activity and as a result the musical programme in the city. It is much smaller than the main room and its style is urban and industrial, making it the ideal complement to its big sister. It also hosts a club every night, and is renown for the quality of its acoustics that has made it a highly reputed concert venue.

Carrer Nou de la Rambla, 111

Teatre Principal

Teatre Principal, formerly known as Teatre de la Santa Cruz, is the oldest theatre in Barcelona and one of the oldest in the whole of Spain. It has now been converted into a multidisciplinary and polyvalent venue dedicated to artistic creation and the performance arts.

La Rambla, 27

El Teatro Latino

Set up as a café theatre, the Teatro Latino has a singular architecture and size, which permits it to host plays, concerts, cabaret, club sessions, cinema and corporate events. It is a polyvalent venue, with a medium capacity that is full of charm right in the centre of Barcelona.

La Rambla, 27




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