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  • Friday October 26


    La [2] Apolo


Let’s talk about a Belgium artist, Jasper Verhulst, who after playing a concert in Istanbul as Jacco Gardner’s bassist became fascinated with Turkish psychedelic music of the 60s and 70s. An artist that instead of making a playlist to listen to in the car and posting it on his Facebook profile, decided to explore this new love in depth by starting a band. Honouring the direct source. That was how he brought together two colleagues (Ben Rider and Lisa Ann Jonker) and a couple of Turkish musicians (the singer Merve Dasdemir and keyboard player Yildiz Ecevit) who were joined by the percussionist Gino Groeneveld (Jungle by Night). And what do they do?  Well, they go ahead and interpret songs of that period by the likes of Selda, Barış Manço and Erkin Koray, expanding their mixture of folklore and western rock, as well as adapting traditional songs by the mythical Neşet Ertaş, the Turkish Bob Dylan. Folk, psychedelic and funk under the influence of the Black Sea.

On (Bongo Joe Records, 2018)




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