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  • Friday October 26


    La [2] Apolo


The mythical Athens was the city of knowledge, the one that treasured the greatest wonders of the classical world. It is fair, then, that one of the record labels that preserves some of nowaday’s most valued musical gems bears its name. Athens of the North is the modern agora where funk, jazz, world music, R&B and disco music meet; and its legislator, Euan Fryer, is the one in charge of diffusing its wisdom, from Edinburgh to the world. In this polis there is no law as important as the one that compells to love vinyl, and no weapon more powerful as rarity: if it is good and deserves to be re-released, even if it has to be rescued from the library of Pergamon itself.

Party Man / Put Everything in Place (Athens of the North, 2018)




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