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  • Friday October 26


    Sala Apolo


  • Saturday October 27


    Teatro Barceló


Pablo Muñoz is a young 19-year-old lad who was born in Bergen, known to be Norway’s coolest city. He wears baggy sweatshirts, tracksuit bottoms and Vans trainers. His parents are Chilean and his bedroom is covered in Mac DeMarco posters (this is hearsay, to be honest). He goes by the name of Boy Pablo, the name under which he makes sincere bedroom pop, nothing fancy but nothing self conscious either. Pablo is the typical lad that everybody wants to be friends with. Not because he’s the most popular, nor the sportiest, nor the most desirable: but just because he’s great. And that is something that you either have or you don’t, and Boy Pablo’s tracks totally have it. They have the northern warmth that made Kings Of Convenience popular, the chill of DeMarco and the pop soul vibe of Real Estate at their most inspired. Even the YouTube algorithm fell in love with him and recommended his track Everytime to millions. All of this, without even leaving his bedroom. When the moment arrives for him to finally venture out, it will be a whole generation to fall at his feet.

Sick Feeling (777 RECORDS, 2018)




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