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  • Friday October 26


    Sala Apolo


  • Sunday October 28


    El Cielo De Barceló


The sweat. Coming off stage sweating like you had just played a football match at 40 degrees. Having a live act so infectious that even the venue staff end up dancing. The ultimate incitement to let yourself go, to live music like a hurricane that comes and goes and leaves its mark. Conttra, the Barcelona quartet that debuted in 2017 with their eponymous LP, endorse sweat: ours on the dance floor and theirs on stage. Heirs of the stage ecstasy of bands such as Franz Ferdinand, Foals, The Rapture and !!!, those ones that don’t take any match as friendly or a stage as too small, this year they have released a new disco-funk track to celebrate their signing to El Segell del Primavera: I Got Down On My Knees For You. Never a truer word spoken: at your feet, kiddos.

I Got Down On My Knees For You (El Segell del Primavera, 2018)




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