13 / 45

  • Saturday October 27


    La [2] Apolo


John Fitzgerald is like that person that James Murphy thought up in the lyrics of Losing My Edge. He was there. Although instead of discovering Can, Suicide, Captain Beefheart and Daft Punk before you, this Irish DJ was the first to discover a masterpiece by a Nigerian Phil Spector, an incredible funk track from Tito’s Yugoslavia, a delightful piece of 70s Turkish jazz, or a weird and wonderful psychedelic-carioca music that not even the Brazilian knew that existed. DJ Fitz is a ninja of second and third hand crates. And then, he takes his vinyl treasures and remixes, deconstructs and connects them in DJ sessions or on the Mixcloud fitz5000 that is a constant source of surprises.

Remember that on Saturday night the clocks go forward, 3 o’clock will be 2 o’clock.  All concerts affected have been adapted to this new time.




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