11 / 45

  • Friday October 26


    Teatro Barceló


  • Saturday October 27


    Sala Apolo


“Ela namoroume, cando a vin movendo as caderas”: no, Puerto Rico is not feeling “morriña” (homesick for Galicia); it is in fact Galicia which sways like a palm tree when Esteban & Manuel do their stuff, softly softly, in their red and blue shirts working hard on that cumbia. And on that auto-tune, salsa, and the madness that happens every time this duo starts a crazy party, although they say that they take this dance thing seriously, really seriously. Those of us who have already had a taste of them know that we will enter their concert in dry clothes and will come out drenched, because if there is something that the Atlantic and the Caribbean have in common it is sweat, and the occasional chance of downpour. Get ready for Galitropicalia.

La banda sonora de tu día a día (La Melona, 2017)




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