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  • Saturday October 27


    La [2] Apolo


We’ll tell it to you straight: if you have to choose just one name from the new UK-rap-that-will-not-be-underground-for-very-much-longer, choose Flohio. This fierce MC is already walking the line that separates “under the radar” from “on top of the world”, using an altimeter with a range as wide as the BPMs she manages. Her lyricism spits words that get aligned with the ones by other poetic machine guns such as Kate Tempest, she fuses them with grime without making grime, and they captivate the audience with such a diabolical intelligence that the first black lady to conquer the world of world, Naomi Campbell, said that she will be one of the 10 women to reimagine the future. Practice what she preaches on one of her rawest and most menacing tracks and “watchout”, ‘cos Flohio is coming for your soul.

Watchout (Alpha, 2018)




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