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  • Friday October 26


    Sala Apolo


Vantablack is the name of the darkest substance that exists on the face of earth. “It is like looking into a black hole¨, they say. Just like this strange almost alien substance, Profane Architecture, Head Technician’s second album, can also absorb 99.96% of the light that falls on it. When Martin Jenkins goes by the name of Pye Corner Audio, he chases the strobes on the dance floor, while under the alias of Head Technician he remains on the darker side of the club. An engineer of arcane acid, draughtsman of the ominous bleep and surveyor of the dark legacy of Detroit, Jenkin’s music seems to be pressed, not on vinyl but of course, on vantablack.

Profane Architecture (Ecstatic, 2018)




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