22 / 45

  • Saturday October 27


    Sala Apolo


Make underground electronic music go together with hoodies, add to the formula the inevitable aura of mystery that accompanies anonymity, and you’ll have a winner every time. This is what was probably on the minds of the Lyon trio J-Zbel, which after spending their solo years on the most extreme club scene of their city finally got together on 2015 under the same motto: the more experimentation, the better. They already have two EPs served as an introduction, the first in 2015 with a title (How I Made My Mom And Sis’ My Sexbot Slaves) as wild as its contents, between jungle and gabber; the second is a little more laid-back and emotional but just as irreverent: Hyena Sticks Head In Elephant’s Butt. But over all the other things, they are renowned for an organic and mutating live act that makes each of their sessions a unique event. Their plan for 2018 is to put out their first album, and make you unable to forget them.

Remember that on Saturday night the clocks go forward, 3 o’clock will be 2 o’clock.  All concerts affected have been adapted to this new time.

Hyena Sticks Head In Elephant’s Butt (Brothers From Different Mothers, 2016)




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