24 / 45

  • Sunday October 28


    Centre Cultural Albareda


It was Jess Williamson’s third album the one that found her, not the other way round. A move from Texas to Los Angeles, a new romantic relationship and the ever-greyer hair of her dog were the facts that led this singer songwriter to rethink her life and her way of making songs. Almost as a revelation, she explains, a cosmic wink appeared and emerged from her new awareness of the passing of time, coupled with the desire to make the most of it. That is how on Cosmic Wink she swapped heartbreak, depression and sadness, formerly the engines of her songs, for light, hope and dreams. She still maintains the folk placidity that evoked comparisons with Amen Dunes and Cass McCombs, together with melodic arrangements that bring PJ Harvey to mind, but the emotion is on another level. “I feel like I’ve opened a door and walked through it,” she explains. We are right behind you, Jess.

Cosmic Wink (Mexican Summer, 2018)




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