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  • Friday October 26


    Sala Apolo


Early adopters of Japanese techno-house are well-acquainted with the teachings of the sensei Kuniyuki Takahashi (at times Kuni, and at others, like at Primavera Club, Kuniyuki) since he started his career in 1994. For late followers, however, the capacity to be amazed by the soundscapes (futurist house, sometimes jazzy, sometimes almost Balearic) of this artist from Sappora is boundless. As soon as you start to look into who was behind FRR Hive, Forth, Koss or projects such as DRP (Deutsches Reichs Patent), into the artists on Haruomi Hosono’s band (of the mythical Yellow Magic Orchestra), into the usual suspects of the soundofspeed crew, into the references by Mula Musiq or into who set up the label BSC (Bacteria Sound Commune) you keep coming up with the same name: Kuniyuki Takahashi. Who else?

Once Again 12” (Mule Musiq, 2018)




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