32 / 45

  • Friday October 26


    El Cielo De Barceló


  • Saturday October 27


    La [2] Apolo


Wait. Don’t get your horns out yet. If the name Mazmorra (dungeon) makes you picture a band that could be used to torture prisoners of war… well that could be cool, as they would definitely end up swaying their hips and confessing sooner than expected. This Bilbao trio admits that not even they are able to define their style: reggeaton from hell? Trance pop? Downtempo, psychedelic music? Ana, Israel and Borja have achieved, through their fusion of exotic sounds, electronic beats and warped melodies, the final goal of art: to create something that didn’t exist before. And without taking prisoners: “I want to break you, so that you cannot breathe, burn your whole body and avenge the witches.” Party in hell.

Todo lo que arde (Motmo / Gran Sol, 2018)




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