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  • Friday October 26


    La [2] Apolo


What are the voices, the sounds and the feelings of the new generations? Listen to any reference on La Vendición and you will know. Manny ElDomi is the perfect example: dark, almost ghostly trap, his songs come directly from the street, which is rife with drugs, hustling, anguish and violence. After a couple of years of silence he is back this year as one of the natural successors on the scene. On the same label as him are Goa, who featured on Yung Beef’s El Plugg mixtape, and in this band we find the kind of emotional universe that pervades sadness, along with a powerful duality between love and (self)destruction. From pop-punk to emo rap. They will perform together at Primavera Club: perreo and nostalgia, hand in hand on stage.

Heart Breaker (La Vendición, 2018)




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