33 / 45

  • Saturday October 27


    Sala Apolo


When a little girl wants a DJ and not a clown at her birthday party, it may be for two reasons: that clowns give her the creeps (normal) or that she wants to get behind the decks herself. In the case of Mor Elian we can conclude that the latter applies, until we get familiar with her phobias. Her philias, however, are obvious: the house and techno from her beginnings in Israel and Los Angeles, the electronic minimalism that she practices today in her studio in Berlin and for her label Fever AM… and the jewels that she designs, “raw metal and brass shapes, nomadic and organic.” Whether that description applies to her rings or to her tracks, we want them all at our next party (birthday or not).

Remember that on Saturday night the clocks go forward, 3 o’clock will be 2 o’clock.  All concerts affected have been adapted to this new time.

Sci Si (!K7 Records, 2018)




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