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  • Saturday October 27


    Teatro Barceló


  • Sunday October 28


    Sala Apolo


We will overlook that she was born just as this millennium started, or that she began playing classical guitar when she was only five years old, or her mentor being Mary Timony (Ex Hex, Helium). Let’s skip comparisons with other heroines of the genre such as Liz Phair, and the fact that the emblematic indie label Matador backs her today. Let’s just concentrate only on one of those facts, the one that tells us that she has the super power to pause adolescence and capture it on tracks so intimate that everybody can relate to them; songs that allow us all to go back and remember what “that” first time felt like. You only have to listen to Pristine, Heat Wave or any other crystalline anthem from Lush, her debut, to realise that the bedroom pop –now in high fidelity- by Snail Mail has come of age. Her voice spits out the wisdom that most of us lose on the disheartening journey of growing up. Loud and clear: Lindsey Jordan is an outstanding student of 90s indie rock and, at the same time, a singer songwriter who is firmly rooted in her generation.

Lush (Matador, 2018)




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