42 / 45

  • Saturday October 27


    La [2] Apolo


A starter pack for virgin listeners to wild sounds: a little teaser of Nigerian acid boogie, tons of gwo ka rhythm, a splash of dub and handful cumbiero embellishments is exactly what one can find on the compilations, rereleases and sessions by Sofrito. Since 2008, this London collective of DJs, producers and artists who are exclusively tuned into vintage dance sounds from across the tropics have had a mission, a mission to drag all the novices of this type of serotonin producing vibe on to the dance floor. Because Sofrito’s two evangelists, Hugo Mendez and Frankie Francis, who run the label from London and Paris, really love a tropical party.

Remember that on Saturday night the clocks go forward, 3 o’clock will be 2 o’clock.  All concerts affected have been adapted to this new time.

Sofrito: International Soundclash (Strut Records, 2012)




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