45 / 45

  • Saturday October 27


    Sala Apolo


He goes by the name of “Alien Boogie” commander because this alias is, without a doubt, much easier to pronounce that his real name. Bjargmundir Ingi, Volruptus for techno friends, takes the bible of electronic beats from his residence in Berlin and the alien from his native Iceland, to challenge taste and hearing in equal measure with sound tongue twisters such as Fjandsamlegar Geimverur. Those who have travelled with him and have made it back to tell the tale maintain that he surrounds himself with bits and bobs creating his own spaceships, from which he sends gamma rays in the shape of BPMs to the radar of our ears. Is the Earth ready for Volruptus?

Remember that on Saturday night the clocks go forward, 3 o’clock will be 2 o’clock.  All concerts affected have been adapted to this new time.

Hessdalen EP (Trip, 2017)




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