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  • Friday October 26


    La [2] Apolo


  • Sunday October 28


    Teatro Barceló


The distance between Alaska and London is 7000 km, but it didn’t prevent Alaskalaska from feeling the influence of the breeze from the 49th state of the USA from which they (doubly) take their name. An icy halo surrounds all the compositions by this British six-piece, a natural calm, and infinite confidence. Some may call it art-pop but they prefer not to classify it, opting for a definition that recalls “music to make out to and then cry about”. And, indeed, Alaskalaska show that you can have everything: their sound orbits close to Metronomy, Warpaint and Blood Orange, but they are not intimidated by electronic beats (keyboards!), jazz soundscapes (saxophones!), jangle pop choruses (choirs!) or bursts of disco (glitter!). And all of this, of course, mixed with an imperturbable elegance worthy of any northern country.

Montser (Marathon Artists, 2018)




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