2 / 27

  • Saturday October 27


    Teatro Barceló


  • Sunday October 28


    Sala Apolo


The things you don’t see and the ones you don’t talk about. What we hide. All those personal and social taboos. The dark side of the moon is where Ama Lou’s lyrics orbit, but only in order to make it visible: police brutality, Black Lives Matter, gender issues and socially admitted aesthetic rules are unfold and denounced in a songbook which may still be thin, but full of promises. Because the allies of the London singer, multi-instrumentalist and composer are not exactly feeble: she has toured with her friend Jorja Smith (to whom she has been compared for her R&B which is as powerful as it is subtle), and Drake himself released an Instagram story quoting a line from one of her songs. “Pretty girls seem to get their way / Even if they don’t have much to say”.  Maybe pretty girls get their own way sometimes, but Ama Lou is here to prove that the ones who end up ruling are girls like her. Who runs the world?

DDD (autoeditado, 2018)




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