6 / 27

  • Saturday October 27


    Sala Apolo


  • Sunday October 28


    Teatro Barceló


With no white rabbits, Mad Hatters or smiling cats. Without taking a bite of a mushroom nor falling into infinitely deep holes. The New York band Crumb only needs their very own Alice, their frontwoman Lila Ramani, and their lysergic orchestration from another era - or dimension- to take you to Wonderland. And you won’t even have to risk to pay the price of a bad trip, as here pleasant hallucinations are guaranteed from the start: those that come and go in the video for Locket, the ones that breakdown in the bubbly waves that reminds us of Melody’s Echo Chamber and the jazz fusions that pervade this alternative reality. Lewis Carroll said in his most famous book that it’s a poor sort of memory the one that only works backwards… but blessed be those who know how to look into the past to trace new and brilliant futures.

Locket (autoeditado, 2017)




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