11 / 27

  • Saturday October 27


    Sala Apolo


  • Sunday October 28


    El Cielo De Barceló


Halo Maud says she is an island. An island that after a first EP is now giving birth to an LP that travels the archipelago of that ethereal French pop stopping off at the beach of Melody’s Echo Chamber and exploring the reefs of the cult underground label La Souterraine. This misty halo attracts sailors avid for mystery and psychedelic waves, drawn by the sirens songs in many tongues and by caves in which the echo returns, in sweet reverberations, melodies designed to trap unwary visitors. Unwary, yes, but also eternally happy, captivated by such beauty that they will forget that there is a world beyond where the sea meets the sky. It is at that pale and unreachable frontier, or maybe it isn’t a place but a moment in time?, where Halo Maud’s music resides.

Je Suis Une île (Heavenly Recordings, 2018)




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