18 / 27

  • Friday October 26


    Teatro Barceló


  • Saturday October 27


    Sala Apolo


Her biography states it very clearly: “Kad-ya”, it says, “was born in 1784 on the backseat of a green car”.  Yes, 1784, it says. No, Kadhja Bonet is not 234 years old.  In fact she is not even 30, she comes from California and is the daughter (the middle child of seven siblings) of an opera singer and a musician, and as a child was well on her way to becoming a classical violinist. But she soon discovered that the guitar was more her thing, a sort of extension to what is finally the real star: her voice. A voice as sweet as it is expressive and penetrating, that comes from the fifties and from the future simultaneously, that reminds us both of Shirley and Amy. With Childqueen, her second album, Kadhja welcomes us into her car: one that sets off from the essence of soul and jazz, and from there goes to other planets which are rich in psychedelic fauna, orchestral landscapes and brilliant skies.

Childqueen (Fat Possum, 2018)




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