19 / 27

  • Friday October 26


    La [2] Apolo


  • Saturday October 27


    El Cielo De Barceló


When Sean Spits and King Khan get bored, they start scheming about how they could have some fun. In 2004 they had a fantastic idea: why don’t we set up an international punk club with garage royals from all around the world? And what if we got together from time to time in different places to see what antics come out of these meetings? Lucky us, the next psycho-punk summit of this collective with founding members (King Khan, of course, and Looch Vibrato and Aggy Sonora from The Magnetix) and other recruits just for the occasion will take place at Primavera Club. A conspiracy of rogues where the only rule is that no track goes over two minutes, be it those which have fallen into the cauldron of lysergic acid or those that sound like the Ramones after one coffee too many. Let them be bored more often, please.

Louder Than Death (Red Records, 2018)




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