The music industry business model is changing, but in which direction is it going? What opportunities are opening up for businessmen and investors? What can we learn from other sectors?

As part of Primavera Club, on Thursday 30th October from 7pm to 8:30pm there will be a roundtable in the CCCB with Didac Lee, Director of the Group Inspirit and of the Technological Area of FC Barcelona; Xavier Carrillo, CEO of Digital Legends Entertainment; Juan Álvarez de Lara, CEO of Seed&Click; and Alberto Guijarro, Director of Primavera Sound.

This panel of experts will shed light on entrepreneurship in the music industry and investment opportunities in the sector. They will also discuss the types of projects that are sought after, the existing opportunities in this field and how the music industry can learn from the ecosystem presented by gaming, among other subjects.

This activity is within the framework of PrimaveraPro StartUps, an annual project of entrepreneurship co-organised by PrimaveraPro and Seed&Click.

Thursday 30th October, 7pm
Mirador CCCB (5th Floor)
Speakers: Didac Lee (Director of the Group Inspirit and of the Technological Area of FC Barcelona), Xavier Carrillo (CEO of Digital Legends Entertainment) and Alberto Guijarro, (Director of Primavera Sound).
Chairperson: Juan Álvarez de Lara (CEO of Seed&Click)
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