Primavera Club 2018: don’t put off until tomorrow what you can discover today

What are the major discoveries that Primavera Club 2018 has in store for us? According to the statistics*, out of the 45 artists who will play in Barcelona and out of the 28 who will play in Madrid 94% will end their first concert in Spain with new fans, 37% will have the very real potential to repeat their performance at Primavera Sound and a good 20% will end up headlining sooner or later. That is what this festival is all about: backing up-and-comers and giving them a privileged window in which to be discovered before everybody else. 

Once again with the support of SEAT as strategic partner, the new generations will gather in the venues of Barcelona and Madrid. And for the first time it will reach the whole world with the Primavera Club 2018 Special by Radio Primavera Sound. This programme will broadcast everything that is going on at the festival and in La (3) de Apolo that has been turned into a radio studio for the occasion and in which artists, members of the audience and all sorts of guests will be invited to participate.
And judging by the Primavera Club 2018 lineup, the future sounds good: it is a balanced line up thanks to the fact that half the artists are female or in a mixed-sex band; it includes electronic pop, trap, mambo, punk, R&B, folk, techno and psychedelia, it is more varied and eclectic than ever; bringing sounds from Cuba, Norway, the United States, the UK, Japan, Australia, Spain and Canada.
Many of the names are coming to the festival at a moment of extreme effervescence: the incredibly young Snail Mail, the major promise of post-millennial indie rock, the rapper Octavian with his recently released debut mixtape Spaceman, Boy Pablo leading the relentless global wave of bedroom pop, serpentwithfeet following in Frank Ocean’s footsteps, Jimothy Lacoste emerging as a viral icon of bedroom pop, Tirzah taking experimental R&B to new heights, Orquesta Akokán resurrecting the essence of Latin big bands and Cupido having now unveiled the mystery: they are the urban pop incarnation of Pimp Flaco and Solo Astra and will give their first two concerts at the festival.

On another note, we are sorry to inform you that MC Buseta will not perform at Primavera Club 2018. In his place Manny ElDomi, an up-and-coming artist in the trap scene, will share the stage with GOA in Barcelona, with a show in which both artists from La Vendición Records will exhibit the urban sounds of the new generations

In fact, it is not only these but all the other artists who are the ones that can really steal the show and the ones that embody the Primavera Club secret. This is what makes it worth combing through the dozens of names beforehand, buying one of the tickets at a price to suit every pocket (25€ for a three-day pass, 15€ for a day ticket) and spending a weekend in Barcelona or Madrid travelling into the future of music.
* The percentages may or may not be scientific. Everything else is 100% true.




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